PLuGHiTz Corporation

PLuGHiTz Corporation is a technology consulting firm primarily serving the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Our firm began with one individual building computers and websites for family friends and church members. We have now grown to seven employees and offer a wide variety of services, including a portable recording studio and an internet radio show. We currently offer services to individuals in the area as well as local and national businesses. All current services are listed on the corresponding page.


PLuGHiTz Corporation produces software titles to enhance the geek culture lifestyle. Services include event management, podcast publishing and social media integration.


PLuGHiTz Live is a family of content, both produced live and syndicated via RSS, covering geek culture. Covering the worlds of gadgets, gaming, Internet and media, PLuGHiTz Live has it all.


PLuGHiTz Productions provides live audio, video and streaming services. Whether you have a CD to produce, an event to record or a show to broadcast, PLuGHiTz Productions has you covered.

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