Software Services

As an original foundation of the company, software services continue to be an essential part of the brand. Several corporate brands continue to impact the Internet community. Including gaming information communities and employment research sites, PLuGHiTz Corporation has a wide community.

PLuGHiTz Keyz

PLuGHiTz Keyz allows you to join and maintain your memberships for all of the sites owned and operated by PLuGHiTz Corporation. One sign-in for all sites means less passwords to remember, less usernames to forget and more time to enjoy the content you love.


DDRLover is dedicated to rhythm games, and those who love them. Get game information, song lists, step files, music, friendship and a lot more.


CounterQuest is dedicated to MMO games, and those who live them. Get game information, player profiles, guild profiles, videos and community discussions.


GradeMyManager is dedicated to helping people make informed decisions about who they can or should work for. Get information based on past employee or customer/client reviews.

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