PLuGHiTz Productions

PLuGHiTz Productions provides a wide variety of provides live productions services. From live stage shows to Internet broadcasts to album production, PLuGHiTz Productions has you covered.

Independant Record Label

PLuGHiTz Records is a full-featured independant record label with its own catalogue of exclusive artists and music. The most recent addition to the PLuGHiTz Records family Alpha3, a group of rappers with a unique blend of styles. Their first album and website are due out soon, so keep checking back.

Portable Recording Studio

Normally located in Largo, FL, we have a fully portable studio that can meet all your recording needs. You can come to us, or we can come to you! We offer a full range 24 bit audio production. Also included is vocal padding, pitch blending, and mixing. Coming soon: Customized 64 track instrumentals.

Music Publishing

Whether your tracks were recorded at PLuGHiTz Records Studios or another facility, PLuGHiTz Records can publish your music, both on the web and on disc. With CD production facilities, and the help of our Web Design Department, we can publish your music and your name whenever and wherever you need.

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