The Team

While the products and services make the company, the team are the company. Without the right people no company can succeed, and we certainly believe we have the right people.

Drawing from years of experience in production, development and customer service, PLuGHiTz Corporation has the culture to improve the community.

Scott Ertz

Scott has been involved in the technology and gaming world for over ten years. He has frequented LAN Centers since their inception and has experienced the evolution of the concept as well as the growth in popularity.

As founder of PLuGHiTz Corporation, he has spent many years working with and on computers for himself, family and friends, as well as for churches, other non-profits and a growing number of business and personal clients. Also, he is versed in web design, database management and several scripting languages. He brings an expert knowledge of the computer industry, a versatile Internet development and deployment talent and existing computer repair client roster.

Nicholas DiMeo

Nick has spent five years engaged in the music and technology industries. With his vast knowledge and countless hours as an intern and assistant in the studio, along with extensive retail training, he brings a diversified clientèle and a comprehensive skill set, ranging from music production, mixing and editing to pro-audio and computer sales

During these five years, he has developed his own record label, including three artists and a marketing team. This group has gone on to create two albums sold on the independent circuit, under Nick's production and direction.

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